1990 MasterCraft ProStar 190
Casey Powers

Asking $5400.00

MasterCraft Prostar 190

  • 351 Ford with Indmar Marine Conversion (Holley 4-barrel carb)
  • 4 blade prop.
  • Boat is running, and was skied behind early this July.

Comes with:

  • Barefoot Boom ($450.00+ value) Great not only for learning to barefoot water ski, but also a great tool for teaching the young, and athletically inept to ski, learn to slalom, etc.
  • Sky-lone (7 foot or so pylon extension for for wakeboarding).
  • Custom matched trailer

Issues with the boat:

  • Upholstery is in bad shape. With the exception of the rear seat which is in good condition. The rear seat was never in the boat but will be included in the sale price.
  • Stereo not working
  • Several gages not working.
  • Trailer in poor shape. Jack is marginal, winch is bad. Both could probably be repaired instead of being replace.
  • Trailer lights may or may not be working. 
  • The fiberglass sound reduction system has been removed and the boat is running straight pipes out the rear.
  • Boat starts are runs, but the engine may need a tune up. It is a bit sluggish out of the hole. 

Any questions please email, buymycrap@kiteboardokoboji.com to view boat in Arnolds Park, IA 51331, please call Dan at 515-771-2430.


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